A Few Words About Us

Archangel Borneo is one of the operator in Sabah, providing the package that give opportunity to visit yet another jewel of Sabah for groups and individuals from and to the country.

Archangel Borneo was first established in the year of 2018 with the experience in the tourism industry. Offering an experience of Carribbean Holiday Style in Borneo, one of the most unique holiday experiences that come with a custom itinerary complete with destinations, excursions and menu planning to suit every style of travel.

The small piece of paradise is known as the Floating Coral Bar which is located opposite to Supirak Island and Close to Malubang Pitas. The breathtaking sight and the wonderful gift of nature that the floating Coral Bar has to offer not only give it a wonderful experience but also provide an immersive experience to the visitors.

We are fully licensed agency (under license number- KPK/LN 9309).

All services and departments are located at our office in Kudat, Sabah

Address : Jeti Berkonsepkan Marina, Bandar Kudat off Jalan Urus Setia, Peti Surat 213,89058 Kudat, Sabah

Contact : +6 010-3087331

Email : info@archangelborneo.com

Our mission is to become as one of the sustainable travel agency that promoting environmental concern and society engagement by promoting our cultures and nature to the world.

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